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Services will not start.


I am having issues with getting my services started on BE 15 and I am concerned.

Basically I had to demote the domain controller backup exec was installed on due to corruption due to a bad drive. Now I am trying to backup the database so I can reinstall the OS and restore the settings.

It stated that the connection was actively refused and the IP address listed is not the IP address of the server backupexec is on. That subnet is not even close to my network as the computer is actually on IP address.

Is there a workaround for this? and what can I do to get this back online to back everything up?

I do not know if it is worth all the trouble to save this config info. What info do I actually need in order to save the information off the server and migrate it?

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Re: Services will not start.

As you posted another discussion; with the subject - Having an issue with Backup Exec migration.
Is this still a valid post?