Set priority for tapes when backup in Symantec Backup Exec 2010

Hi every one, i'm new in Symantec Backup Exec 2010.

My system is using Symantec Backup Exec 2010 with a HP autoloader tape and i place in it 6 tapes.

The problem is: when backup data to tape, SB Exec 2010 take any free tape and write data to it (Ex: the first backup: SB Exec use tape at slot 4, the second backup: SB Exec use tape at slot 7, the third backup: SB Exec use tape at slot 4... although all tapes are not full).

I want every time backup, SB Exec use tape at slot 1, if tape at slot 1 is full, SB Exec use tape at slot 2... Can SB Exec can do like this? 

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If you are using any media

If you are using any media set with certain overwrite protection period then the same 

tape will not be used untill the overwrite protection period doesn't end but if the tape is

appendable then BE will keep writing data till the tape is not full. 


Hi   For your scenario



For your scenario partition would be best


You need to configure the partiton & then use the backup job to run only at that partiton which will allow you to have one slot with that particular tape


Please click on link below how to configure it


Without creating partiton it is hard to do this as backup exec will pickup tape randomely from slot because it is always a best practisce to allow backup exec to manage


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If you are targetting all

If you are targetting all your backups to a single media set then BE will use one media for that three backups. If that media becomes full or overwrite protected  then BE will use another from scratch. If you want a particular job to use a particular tape then look at partitioning library.

If you are targetting your bnackups to different media sets, then BE will use three different media for three jobs.



Be aware that if you use

Be aware that if you use partitions and your Overwrite Protection Period (OPP) or Append Period (AP) is not set correctly, your jobs will fail because BE cannot find a suitable tape to write to and is unable to use a tape from another partition even though it is suitable.

Since you are using a tape library, you should let BE and the library manage the tapes for you rather than managing them yourself.  You might want to read my article on this topic.