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Setting up Optimized DeDuplication.

Good morning,

We are in the process of configuring optimised deduplication on on Backup Exec 2012 servers.

We have 1 CA Server and 1 Media Server.  They each have a connected SAN disk, we have a Dell Equallogic SAN, located on each site and replicated.


I am trying to setup the 'Optimised DeDuplication'  


We currently bacup using the Media Server to the DeDuplication Disk folder (located on the San) - The goal is to have the location of the data (the disk backups) replicated on both sites and accessible by both servers.


Any pointers of helpers to get me on my way?



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Install Backup Exec with ESO

Install Backup Exec with ESO and Deduplication option

Create Deduplication folder on CAS and MMS 

Go to details and share them

Configure the Job to backup to primary dedupe and then duplicate to secondary dedupe (choice is yours)

...a full month later?

...a full month later?

I'm still very lost with

I'm still very lost with this.


Thanks for your help, but I need help, or a how to setup the drive on our Equallogic SAN, and then how to get backup exec to connect to it.

My requirement is is have the following setup.

SITE 1 - MMS connected to SAN

SITE 2 - CAS connected to SAN, with a local attached storage.

The backups performed on either site need to be available to the other server should we lose as it it entierety.

Our SAN is replicated over both sites.


We also need the ability to restore (GRT or not) from the backups as and when needed.

The final peice of the jigsaw is MMS backs up to SAN, then during the day CAS replicated from the SAN to disk.

Is this any / all of this possible?