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Shadow Copy Components Test Failed

Same problem as:


After updating Backup Exec from 2010R3 --> 2012, I had several servers failing on credentials / credential check failure because of the existence of the Shadow Copy Components. For all other servers I removed the server from Backup Exec and re-added it, they are working fine. For the Backup Server itself this is not an option. I can't remove the server from Backup Exec. Any Ideas ?



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Hi,   Check the link below



Check the link below and follow the advice on what was marked as the solution. This may fix your issue:


Thanks for the quick

Thanks for the quick response, but there is no sollution for me. The link you provided suggests removing and re-adding the server to Backup Exec. Unfortunately this isn't possible because it is the backup server itself. Which can't be removed from Backup Exec.

Can you remove it from backup seleciton?

Can you manually remove the Shadow Copy Components from the backup selections?


  1. On the Backup and Restore tab, select the required backup job.
  2. Click Edit Backups.
  3. In the Selections box, click Edit.
  4. On the Backup Selections dialog box, click the Selection Details tab.
  5. Delete the Shadow Copy Components selection.
  6. Click OK to save your changes.
  7. Click OK on the Backup Properties dialog and run the job.

Same problem

Same problem here.  I was able to rectify the Shadow Copy credentials issue with other servers by removing them and re-adding, but the option to remove the Backup Exec server is grayed out, so it keeps failing.  No solution so far.

I think I've come upon a

I think I've come upon a workaround if not an outright solution. I simply added the Backup Exec server as a new server. I removed the backup job from the original server that was created when I installed the BE 2012 upgrade. That server will be listed as having no backup jobs on it.

I then created a new backup job with the new server I created and on THIS backup job, I have no Shadow Copy credential issue.

Adding the server as a new

Adding the server as a new server was a great workaround.  I did the same, replacing the hostname-only version of the server name with and Finally got those components out of the way, and can now delete the backup and use the new job.