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SharePoint SQL Cluster


I'm currently trialing Veritas and am having issues getting it to backup our Sharepoint DB's as they are in a cluster. It says that before you can backup or restore, you must install the appropriate Backup Exec. Both servers in the are setup and have the client installed. It is looking for the cluster name. I have configured the sqlcli on the Veritas server for the cluster name but still no luck. 

Can anyone assist as to have I can get the backups to see the cluster name? If I cannot get Veritas to work with our Sharepoint setup I will have to look at another product.


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Re: SharePoint SQL Cluster

Why don't you use the SharePoint Backup Exec Agent and create a SharePoint backup policy so that you can backup all components together?


Re: SharePoint SQL Cluster

You need to install Backup Exec remote agent to all cluster nodes.

Afterward, you need to add SQL Cluster (SQL Cluster Name) to Backup Exec , then you can select Database under this SQL Cluster.

Re: SharePoint SQL Cluster

Because a Sharepoint farm is distributed among several SQL databases, you should not backup the individual databases which comprise the farm.  If you try to restore the individual databases, you could end up with a logically inconsistent farm.

You should always set up a separate job and backup the Sharepoint farm using the BE Sharepoint agent.