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SharePoint Server 2016 GRT support with Backup Exec 20.4

With Backup Exec 20.4, the most awaited feature, the support for SharePoint Server 2016 GRT is made available. With this feature, you can now take GRT enabled backup of Web Applications and restore individual items to original location or to NTFS path. In earlier release i.e. Backup Exec 20.2, you could only take non-GRT backup of Web Applications. With Backup Exec 20.4, you can now take advantage of the complete SharePoint Server 2016 support.


How is the backup job configured?

You need to install the Remote Agent on each server participating in the SharePoint Farm. Once the Remote Agent is installed, the SharePoint Farm node will appear on the Backup & Restore tab. If you do not see it been added automatically, then you can manually add the SharePoint Farm through ‘Add Server’ by selecting ‘Microsoft SharePoint server Farm’ option and providing all required details. You can then select one or more Web Applications that you want to backup.



Make sure the GRT option is checked in the Backup Options



How to restore individual items from the restore wizard?

Navigate to the restore wizard, select the individual items from the backed-up Web App database and click on Next.



With SharePoint Server 2016, you can either restore the data to the original location or restore the data to a NTFS location, which is on a SharePoint Front End Web Server. This restore to the NTFS location is a new capability added in Backup Exec 20.4 that is made available only for SharePoint 2016.

Restore to a different site (cross site restores) is not supported.



What happens if data is restored on another location, which is not an NTFS volume from SharePoint Front End Web Server?

The restore job will fail with the following error.



What are the supported scenarios for various SharePoint versions?



How is the GRT restore performance for SharePoint Server 2016 compared to SharePoint Server 2013?

In a virtual environment, when GRT restores were performed using the same set of file/folders for SharePoint Server 2013 and SharePoint Sever 2016, the GRT restore for SharePoint Server 2016 was 12 times faster than SharePoint Server 2013.


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"If only it were that easy"

What Version do you use for this backup scenario, my BE 20.4 still fails in a restore?