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Sharepoint 3 Support Status? Another month gone by.....

Level 4
Any update on when Sharepoint 3.0 support will be forthcoming?  We are now working on the 6th month without it since BE 11d was released....
Conversely, if you do not plan on releasing this support soon....let us know so we can make alternate arrangements.
Regards, -Joe

Level 4
Symantec - any comment?

Level 5
Employee Accredited Certified
I believe you are talking about Sharepoint 2007 correct?
There hasn't been an official release date as of yet.
Now let me explain why Sharepoint 2007 was not included with the current revision of Backup Exec 11.0.7170:
BE 7170 was released to support Exchange 2007 only - Engineers had to work day in and day out to get support for Exchange and all of thier efforts were focused on that product. Why? Because none of our existing agents would be able to backup the Exchange 2007 server.
In Sharepoint's case however, the workaround would be to use our SQL agent to backup the Sharepoint databases. Just about everything in Sharepoint 2007 is now in the SQL databases, and since these databases can be backed up with our current SQL agent it wasn't implemented immediately.
There will be a Hotfix for the Sharepoint agent which will provide support for Sharepoint 2007's Topology, and if you would like to be notified immediately when it is released please sign up for our News Bulletins here:

Level 4
Thanks for taking the time to respond - I've been out of the offfice until today.
If I was licensed for the SQL agent, I suspect that this workaround would be appropriate.  However, I'm only licensed for the Sharepoint agent.  While it means something that Symantec has a technical solution for this really does not help me, unless I'm willing to spend more $$$.
It appears that Symantec was taken by surprise by the release of Exchange 2007, and Sharepoint 2007.  I suspect that this may be fallout from the acquision of Veritas - but perhaps not.
Thanks for the link that provides access to the notification system.  I appreciate the granularity, as I already receive more than enough email.  With luck, this will work.
Hopefully, this support will be forthcoming.  I still do not have an impression of when it might be released, but due to the availability of an internal alternative (SQL agent), I have even less hope that Sharepoint 2007 agent support will be available in the near future.
Regardless, I do appreciate you responding to this.  I've been posting since February, and you were the first person from Symantec to post any valuable information...that's 4 months.
Thanks- Joe

Level 2
I have had no luck in trying to get BUEXEC to backup the MOSS DB's because you have placed a restriction on it. It automatically knows the DB's are SP DB's and won't let you back them up with the SQL Agent - insisting you do it with the non-existent 2007 Sharepoint Agent...any other thoughts?

Level 5
Employee Accredited Certified
Another workaround:
Backup using the built inbackup application included with Sharepoint to a file. Then use BE to backup that file to tape.