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Sharepoint Backup Exception

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Hi all,

I have a dedicated Backup Server with BE 2012 Sp1a + alle Hotfixes that backups a MIcrosoft Small Business Server 2008. We do not have the SBS Variant of BE 2012 of course, there is only the Remote Agent installed on the SBS Box. We have the Agent for applications and databases licensed for that sbs server.

I have two Jobs for the SBS Server, one backing up only file system resources (and system state), the other backing up only GRT Resources (including Sharepoint).

For months, all jobs went without any hazzle. but then I installed Windows 2008 SP2 on the SBS Box and following MS Updates. I also installed some hotfixes on the Backup Server and updated the Remote Agents in the network.

All of a sudden, the file system resources backup has exceptions regarding sharepoint resources - even if there aren't any in the selection list. The GRT resources Job is running with no exceptions.


Of course I found in the Knowledge Base.

But the advice given in that article did not help and I am not sure if the described problem is really the same as i am having. Error Code is the same and even the error message, but I was backing up sharepoint from the beginning with no problems and all of a sudden the non-sharepoint job reports problems.

I also included the Sharepoint resources in the file system job - and it still ends with the same warning message.

I then excluded every sharepoint folder and file from the file level exclusion list - and still it tells me to back things up with the sharepoint agent.


I am guessing, this message is just for information, like: "I see you have sharepoint, you should back it up with the corresponding agent" and not an indication that something is actually going wrong. Because obviously I am not having any problems, I am backing up sharepoint and i verfied that the backups are valid.


Is there any way of disabling those warning messages?

I did not proceed to remove the remote agent and install it again. Should i give this a try?





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See if this helps ~

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yes, I tried that before. Did not help...thats the strange thing.

So I excluded every Sharepoint mdf and dldf file and the whole SYSSMI Folder to be sure from the backup, excluded the SQL databases from the agent selection and do not have the "Sharepoint Farm" selected and still get complaints because of files that belong to a sharepoint farm.


Sounds ridiculous, right? And to emphasise it again: The job where i actually back them up does not complain. And if I create a testjob that backs up file ressources exactly like the one i am having, it does not complain either.


Maybe I should just delete the existing job and recreate it from scratch.




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I just did so. We'll see tomorrow if that corrected the situation.