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Sharepoint GRT data index catalog job very very slow

Hi everybody, we report the following problem: the meta-index catalog job, that starts after the backup job of sharepoint server with GRT enabled, run/is very very slowly (less than 5 MB/s) so it is not able to end correctly (we stopped it after 2 days running). The backup server is BackupExec 2012 SP1 installed on Windows 2008 R2, the backup job of sharepoint run on deduplication storage that stands on local. Any idea? Thanks for your help.
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Hello Nino,    Please refer

Hello Nino,

   Please refer to the following technote. I suspect the issue that you are facing is as per the technote : Sharepoint Granular Recovery Technology backup to tape runs excessively long in 'updating catalogs' status.


Try to Test the Workaround from the technote

Workaround :

Run non-GRT backup to tape or run backup to Backup-to-Disk folder.




HI sush, the backup job of

HI sush,

the backup job of sharepoint is a backup-to-disk and not to tape, it runs on deduplication disk storage and the following data meta index catalog job (due to GRT enable) runs very very slow (it takes more than 2 days)