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Sharepoint Server Recovery

Hi.  I have a few questions about backing up Sharepoint via Symantec Backup Exec 2010 R3.  So, I choose to run a daily full on all the sharepoint data on a particular server farm.  Per the best practices, I'm supposed to also backup the sql databases, that sharepoint uses.  However, when I expand the Microsoft SQL server node, on the sharepoint server, the sharepoint databases are greyed out and are unable to be selected.

Also, the full backup (sharepoint only selected) completes with a warning telling me that the sharepoint databases are 'configured to maintain transaction logs', which I think means that they are in full recovery mode.  It goes on to say that 'transaction log backups are not being performed', and 'that the log will keep growin'.  All of which I know is true when you have a database in a full recovery model. 

I know that my options are either to:

1) change the db to simple (for now, I'd really like to keep point in time restore, even though I do daily backups)

2) backup the database using the backup exec sql agent (which, as I described above, backup exec DOES NOT ALLOW me to do)

3) run a maintenance plan using sql management studio on the respective databases (which I'm apprehensive to do, because I don't know what the effect will be with backup exec)


Can anyone help shed some light on what I should be doing to backup BOTH my databases and sharepoint info, per the best practice. 

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Do you have the BE Remote

Do you have the BE Remote agent installed on the SQL server ?


The SQL server is on the same machine as the sql sharepoint server.  The agent is installed, and I am able to backup master, model, and msdb.  However, the other sharepoint related db's are greyed out in the selection tree, as described above.

take a look this TN

Some recommendations

First, I'd recommend changing the DBs over to simple recovery model and only doing full backups.  Point in time restores for Sharepoint are asking for trouble since synchronization among the DBs is critical.  Second, the Sharepoint databases, once selected and backed up via the Shareopint agent will normally be grayed out under the SQL icon.  No need to back up these via the SQL agent (The Sharepoint agent uses the SQL agent under the covers anyway).  Finally, be sure to back up any DBs that aren't grayed out on that SQL server so that in the event of a DR you can bring everything back.