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Simple way to copy jobs from a new MMS *to* CAS?

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Hi, my scenario is thus:

2x standalone 2015 servers (legacy VM estate(backup2) and new vm estate(Backup1) being backup up seperately)

Get old VM estate retired, buy CAS license, create CAS server, use backup2 as test platform as legacy estate gone.

Add backup2 to CAs, all jobs automatically appear, all resources appear, no worries.  So far so good.

Add backup1, no jobs appear, resources appear.  Running jobs on backup1 does not report in CAS(like backup1 is still stand alone).


How do I get all the jobs (which is literal, its *all* the jobs) from the MMS backup1 to the CAS so that the CAS can run and allocate the jobs?


Its around 150 jobs, theres a very small maintenance window and it seems to me doing it by hand can't be the only way.

I've tried BECLI and powershell but its a dead end, too many variables need tweaked (i.e. NIC names, Media Sets etc).

Surely there must be a simple way?

It also occurs to me that once we achieve this I can export all teh jobs into ps1 scripts for an extra layer of backup redundancy...



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If you're using a firewall, make sure that the correct BE ports are opened:

Also, where have you located the catalogs from Server1? Centralised on the CASO? Replicated? Localised?

I also assume that the CASO and server in question are running the same version of BE?


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Hi CraigV, no firewall in play (windows fw on servers off via GP, internet blocked by Cisco ASA),

Catalogues from Server 1 *should* be replicated to the CAS, although I'm double checking that just now.

And yes, same version down to patches. on Both OS and BEX.