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Single Mailbox Backup Exchange 2003

Level 6
Has anybody ever backed up all single mailboxes from a MS Exchange server and restored them including all attachments? (With Veritas BackupExec, preferably version 10).

That means, scheduling a backup for an Exchange Server, checking the box 'Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes'.
Having a backup running with positive result. Even when there are mailboxes where the use is already deleted (I get an error message then).
This is the first step. And a more cosmetic 'problem'.

The second one is, restoring a single maibox.
Has anybody ever successfully restored a mailbox including ALL mails, and attachments (small and large ones)?

I can restor all mails from a mailbox, including the folders, but the some attachments are lost.
(Actual case: A mailbox with ~ 3.5Gb has now some 1GB)

My question is, if anybody ever successfully made that before I'm asking abou any advices.
(So don't ask about my config at this stage, it is all on the latest patch levels, W2K3 and so).


Level 6

I do have a 'normal' full backup of my Exchange servers (of course) with the according differential backups on weekdays.

Additionally I backup the single mailboxes weekly. This takes several days and only seldom finishes (due to different reasons, most of them outside BE).

I use the latest equipment, Win2k3 server, latest patches, BE 10 latest patches, Exchange on Win2k3 server, Exchange 2003.

When I restore a mailbox with it's content, all attachments with more than 100k are lost.
BackupExec gives the error message:
For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-65275Completed status: Failed
Final error: 0xe0008821 - Job was recovered as a result of Backup Exec RPC service starting. No user action is required.

Following the link ( ), it says that there was (?) an issue with BE 9.1 that it could not restore larger attachments.
Of course, I have BE10 and also the referred DLL on the Exchange server is up to date.

The only thing which is not 'normal' is that the server version have to be German ones and Exchange is also the German version.
BE is used in the English version.

So again: Is here nobody who ever sucessfully restored a single mailbox with large attachments?