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Slow LTO2

Level 2
Here is my setup. 1.05 GHz with 512 MB of ram. I am running windows server 2003 sp2 with a dell LTO2 tape drive with dell LTO2 media. I have a adaptec 29160n for my scsi adaptor. I have two IDE hard drives in the machine. One 20gig drive for the OS and one 250gig drive for storage. When i run a back up using Backup Exec 11d i have really slow speeds.
This is the speed i get off my storage disk
Backup 00005    DELL 1    Backup    Successful    4/13/2007 5:28 PM    4/13/2007 9:40 PM    4:11:31    92,635,859,317    517.00 MB/min
And this is the speed i get off my OS disk
Backup 00020    DELL 1    Backup    Successful    4/25/2007 2:27 PM    4/25/2007 2:45 PM    0:17:29    9,126,724,222    839.00 MB/min
When it verifies the data it runs about about 2,200/ MB/min What could i possible be doing wrong. Do i need to feed this drive data from a raid setup, or where else could be my bottle neck?


Level 2
To answer a portion of my own question i ran some disk bencmarks on the HDS i am only getting about 11MB/sec read off the hds becuase of the old ATA technology in the machine. In another computer the exact same drive is capable of up to 65MB/sec read, I will find a work around for this bottleneck and post my findings.

Level 6
Please do keep us posted.