Slow backup - 2003R2 HyperV VM



Backing up 3 physical servers and 4 HyperV VM.

- HyperV Host is a Win 2012R2

- VM is a Windows Server 2003R2 SP2 hosting Exchange 2007

- Backup Exec V-Ray Edition 14.2 1180.1673


Everything works just fine then suddendly without any reason (or so it seems) only one of the VM gets an incredibly slow backup speed (50-60Mb/mn).

Strange thing is that it happened 3 weeks before and reverted back to a good backup speed (853Mb/mn)


Any help/tips are welcomed

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Re: Slow backup - 2003R2 HyperV VM

have you gone to BE 15 FP3 or 4 - and if you have are you using the faster method  or the standard method (be aware the faster method has an effect on disk space due to how snapshots are retained and applies to all VMs being backed up you cannot specify to only use it for one)