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Slow down when backing ClusterSharedVolume - BE 2012 R2

Hello all.
First I would like to apologize for my English.

My server is installed where the BE is a 208 R2 Standard. The BE is installed with SP1 and all hotfix.
I have a cluster with multiple Hyper-V VM. The VMs are all in ClusterSharedVolume.

Among these VMs have an Exchange 2010 where where the database is on a disk (. VHD) presented a direct LUN.
The speed of the backup of that database is the average of 3750.00 MB / min, the backup is faster than I have.

The problem I'm having is with respect to the VMS are in this cluster.
The speed of these VMS backup is on average 198.00 MB / min, very slow.

What might be happening? Why back up the Exchange database is fast and not the VMs?

I've done the test of copying a file to CSV ing as to the drive where the database of the exchange - the copy speed is the same.

Has anyone experienced this?

Since already thank you very much,


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  I would suggest that you


I would suggest that you upgrade to BE 2010 R3 which is the latest version. Your existing licence keys will work.  You can download BE 2010 R3 from either the fileconnect site or
After your upgrade, do not forget to run LiveUpdate a couple of time to update it to SP2 and the latest hotfixes.
After you have upgraded to R3, push out the remote agent again.