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Snapshot Differential/Full

We have a number of servers being backed up and i've just noticed when i go to restore one of them it only shows the options as snapshot but non of the others are doing this.

I was wandering a few things.

1. What is Snapshot? and how does it differ from a Non-Snapshot?
2. How do i get it so its no longer Snapshot?

I've had a look around and cant see anywhere an option for having my back ups do only a Snapshot (if thats the case).

Thanks in advance

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Re: Snapshot Differential/Full

Snapshot means you have AOFO checked while doing the backup. In the backup job check the aofo option and it should be checked if your backups are showing aofo.
Snapshot is used to backup the files that are open in the system and can be backed with the use of snapshot.
The new servers and applications like ws 2008 and exchange 2007 and exchange 2010 are by default snapshot backups.But this will not show you in the restore as snapshot as they are done by VSS.
But if you select the AOFO option in the backup then it will show the restore as snapshot
You can uncheck the aofo if you don't want the snapshot

Re: Snapshot Differential/Full

nice1, thanks mate. i've found the setting and unchecked it.

Re: Snapshot Differential/Full

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