Snapshot creation failed: Could not quiesce file system


We're running ESX 4.1 with a number of VMs setup and running. The VM Infrastructure is backed up using Backup Exec 12.5 with the VMware Virtual Infrastructure agent. There are 5 VMs, all of a similar build, running Windows 2003 Server, Oracle 10, and a Laboratory Information Management System. Recently, one of the VMs has caused the backup to fail, and it's happening quite regularly.

The server has an Oracle database & Oracle application that remains open during the backup, however this is the same for 2 of the other 4 VMs, and they backup without any issue.
The error message displayed in the log is:

Backup- VMVCB::\\<VMSERVER>\VCGuestVm\(DC)Site(DC)\vm\<SERVER> V-79-57344-38220 - Backup of the virtual machine '<SERVER>' failed. VMware VCB framework reported the following error
 Error: Other error encountered: Snapshot creation failed: Could not quiesce file system.

Can anyone suggest a reason why this one VM is failing to backup, and a way to resolve it?



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Try Upgrading to BE 2010R2

When backing up Vm's using BE12.5, VCB (Vmware stuff) is used to quiesce\freeze the VM

so snapshot can be performed for the backup,

It looks your VM is highly used during backup hours and VCB is not able to quiesce or freeze.

try backing up VM when its free or upgrade to BE 2010 R2 so BE VSS is used along with V-storage(Newer technology as compare to VCB).