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Some backups not showing in the Restore menu

Good morning,

we are experiencing some problem with Symantec Backup Exec 12 : In the restore menu, some of the backup we succesfully performed only partialy appear. We have set up a daily job to do a full back up of a remote server : a network share, snapshot and system status. The backup works fine everyday with a 100% success rate and I am checking the job history to make sure that BE actually worked on the various items.
BUT in the restore menu, when I try to restore items from the network share we backed up I don't see all the backups, only a few dates ( actually only one backup a week appears, but not the same day ).
It is interesting to note that all the snapshots and system status backup show up, none is missing.

I first tryed to run a catalog on the tapes and I got an error message each time. I then created a new catalog folder (with backing up the old one) as advised by Symantec : it got ride of the catalog error problem but the network share backup still doesn't show up in the restore menu so I restored the all catalog folder. Now the catalog on tapes are working fine but the backups are still not showing in the restore menu.

Did anyone face this problem before ? What are we doing wrong ?

Best regards,

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1) Have you set the file

1) Have you set the file selection start and end date correctly? See below.

2) You can click on the View by Media tab and see whether the tape is listed there.

Thank you for your help. 1)

Thank you for your help.

1) The file selection start and end date is set correctly. Actually, it is unchecked by default and I tryed to set it to a very wide range (from 2008 to 2011) and it doesn't make any differencies.

2) In the "View by media" tab, the tape is showing. System status, snapshot are all showing correctly but not the network share backup. ( and I checked again the history of last night  backup : BE did work on the network share )

I belive the backup would

I belive the backup would been overwritten because of which it does not show in the restore selection ..

More on Check the Job log for

More on Check the Job log for the backup job which does not show up in the selection ..
Check to which media it wrote and see what information you have on that tape and when was the tape overwritten ...
Configure the Media set with proper Overwrite protection period and append period to avoid this issue

Backups are not overwritten :

Backups are not overwritten : The backup from last night is not showing. It has not be overwritten by any other job. The last night backup log shows that it used the "lundi" (french for monday) tape and did a proper backup of the shared network folder.

Go to the properties of the

Go to the properties of the Tape and see the modifed date so you can know when the last time the tape was used , check the job history for the that date and find which job has used it , As there is no way the backup would be missing unless you erase or overwrite the tape

Ok, so I checked again. I

Ok, so I checked again. I took some screenshot, I hope it will help see more clearly what I try to say or point my mistake if there is one. (sorry it is in french)

So, last night backup went to 100% without problems, nothing happened after, no job, no nothing :Last night back up to 100%

As we can see in the job history, everything went fine, the job used the MARDI tape and did save about 700 GB of data without errors from the D drive of a remote server.Job history for D drive

In the MARDI tape info we can see that it was last used this morning (for the night backup job and that it is not full.Mardi tape info

In the restore menu, we can see that the System state snapshot from yesterday is present and available for restore but the D drive backup from the remote server is missing (along with other days)restore menu : D is missing

In the display by tape menu, we can see on the MARDI tape that everything is correctly backed up except for the D network share :

I hope you guys can help point the mistake or the bug.

Best regards,


What is the NAS that you are

What is the NAS that you are using?

The remote server we are

The remote server we are backing up (the NAS) is running Windows 2003 storage server.

Can you upload your backup

Can you upload your backup selections as well

Of course, here is a

Of course, here is a screenshot of the backup selection for the night back up job :Back up selection

What data do you have in this

What data do you have in this folder ? check the Job log and go to the point where it has the information about this folder ...see if you have any byte count ..
Hope the folder does not have any database files like SQL .

The files in the folder are

The files in the folder are various picture, office documents and other type of file. No database in there.
As you can see on one of my previous screenshot, the bite count is what it should be : about 700 GB.

Byte count is for the

Byte count is for the Complete backup--- change the following --tools--options --Joblog  select the option accordingly so it gives you individual details about which file it has backed up and what is the byte count for the same.

Also check if there is any

Also check if there is any exlcusion you have in the selection list which is excluding the files

same issue as raphael ....

Hi Guys, i know its been a few weeks since someone last posted anything but i was wandering if theres has been any further developement on this?

Were having the same issue and it seems to be just the full backups, all the differential show fine.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.



Re: same issue as raphael ....

Hi Guys,


I am facing same issue like I can see all Incremental backup sets in restore tab but Full backup sets are missing in Backup exec 2015. All jobs are completed successfully but Media which contains Full backups are also not showing any data after performing successful catalogs.These media are showing Old backup sets which are already expired and over-written.

Loged a case with Veritas from Yesterday but didn't get any solution till now.