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Still confused about Active Directory Recovery Agent

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To whom it may concern:

Below is a previous thread which I could not participate in because it was closed.  I am sure thousands of users are getting this message. If is not needed then why torture end users and admins like myself with this hyperbole. My suggestion is to include within the next patch a code to eliminate this trigger.  My customer saw the message, then called us in a panic, we spent time to determine that what was suggested is not necessary in order to have a confident backup. We then spent the remainder of the time explaining to, and calming the customer.



We're running Backup Exec 2010 R2 SP1, recently I've been getting after backup message saying"



The following backup sets contain Microsoft Exchange data. Symantec recommends that you install and use the Active Directory Recovery Agent to better manage your Microsoft Exchange data:
    \\EXCHSVR.local\Microsoft Information Store\First Storage Group
    \\EXCHSVR.local\Microsoft Information Store\Second Storage Group
To learn more about Backup Exec agents and options, go to

We already have our Exchange agent license.

Why do we need to buy AD Agent for backing up exchange? Why 2 license for one machine?

Does this means our Exchange backup is not complete?

Can someone please explain.


Just Confuse


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1 No not at all you don't need AD license to backup exchange database files

2 Now AD license help you with doing GRT restore of Active directory in case if you want to restore objects

3 About your exchange backup is incomplete without that ,No it is not it is only the recommendation and not and error

4 Moreover few suggestions ,Please upgrade backup exec to 2010 R3 it would be an in place upgrade for you from R2 and it will be using same licenses as R3 is the final version of BE2010 and stable too. Once upgraded please use live update to install sp2 and other updates and then upgrade remote agent on remote servers too 

BE 2010 R3  Installer -

(Same can be used for SBS)

5,If you are doing backup of C consisting on it OS is installed and system state and shadow copy components then it is enough to recover your server from disaster recovery now to restore application like exchange ,SQL you have separate agent which help you to recover the application further.


Hope that helps


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The message is a warning/suggestion and your Exchange backup is good.  Although you can back up Exchange without ADRA, the warning message is a very good one.  If you do not have ADRA, imagine this situation, an employee resigns.  His id/mailbox is deleted, but there is a need to retrieve an item from his mailbox.  

Without ADRA, you would have to install a very old copy AD to get back his id so that you can restore his mailbox.  You would have to do an authoritative restore to a copy of AD which may be months/years old.

With ADRA, you can just restore the employee's id object without disturbing the rest of AD.

Having ADRA would make very good sense when you are using Exchange.

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as stated by PKH you dont have to restore entire system state(AD) if you have ADRA, you can simply restore an OU, user etc from it

the recommendation message which you get from in the job log can safely be ignored it should not have any impact on your exchange backups.

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...this post is 6 months old and officially dead. No response from the OP since January.