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Storage Pool - Help I think I messed up!!

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Hi All

I'm trialing Backup Exec with a view to implementing as our main backup and recovery system, replacing Windows Server Backup.

We currently have one server with does everything, as in:

Domain Controller/AD
File Server
Exchange Server
Print Server

I have purchased another server to be used as a backup server.  This server has the following specs

Windows 2012 R2
1 Volume for the OS and applications
1 Large Volume for backup jobs

I plan to backup overnight to the local storage and then duplicate that backup job to a external USB 3.0 HDD, during the day, with one external HDD for each day (Mon-Fri)

I've created the jobs and everything was going okay until todays duplicate backup job.

After reading the manual I have created a new storage pool to include the external HDD's, the problem is that this storage pool by default is including the local storage as well, so when the duplication job runs its using that storage and I'm running out of space.

I cannot remove the Server Storage from the Offsite Storage Pool, please see picture attached.

I think I might have messed up by not creating a pool when I first started using Backup Exec

Can anybody help as I need to remove the local storage from the offline pool.




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Community Manager
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Here is an article that outlines how to remove devices from storage pools:

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Thanks for the response.  I had tried that, but turns out I was mis-interrupting what I was seeing!  That should have sorted it out and I'll know tomorrow once the backups have run