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Storage device goes offline due to Low Disk Space

I have a storage device with 188GB available out of 1.27TB. If I delete the storage device and re-add it, it will say disk has low space, but that the disk will still backup. Then 5 minutes later the disk goes offline due to a media error that states

"This is typically caused by the folder becoming inaccessible due to it being deleted, renamed, or unshared. It may also be caused by a disk full condition. The folder state has been set to offline. Please attend to this condition."

For the record...nothing has been deleted, renamed, or unshared.

I changed the low disk space, low disk space: warning, and low disk space: critical to 1%, 2%, and 3% respectively and the drive stays online just fine.

Is there some setting I can change for the storage device not to go offline when at low disk space other than changing the percentages...Kinda defeats the purpose of having warnings at different "available capacity" if it just shuts the disk offline at the first sign of low disk space.


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Have you tried to inventory the media?  I was having issues with media not reporting the correct amount of storage space used.  After an "inventory job", it self-corrected.

It's a shot in the dark...

Shared or Dedicated?

Sir, are you using this volume dedicated as storage device, or are you using it outside of backup exec for other purposes on other folders?

Please give details of the configuration and contents of the device.


disk not full

If the disk is not full, then it shouldn't be going offline.

I suspect that the low space warnings are not related to your device going offline.  What is the interface to your disk?  possible communication/network issues?

Rem - I have done multiple

Rem - I have done multiple inventory's and catalogs to try and correct the dice

Carlos - It is a shared storage device in BE. So overall, I have 4 servers...server 4 contains the BE manager, while server 1-3 have the BE agent installed. I have setup 7 storage devices pointing to various disks on the servers. all of the servers except the one in question have not reached the point of generating a warning. I have deleted old data on the server and being that it is not within the warning threshold I am no longer recieving this error.

Larry - There are definitly no communication or network issues, I have verified this by changing the warning thresholds as i mentioned. When I did this, I no longer recived the media error.

Well I have plenty of space appears i will just have to do away with the warnings so that I dont have disks shutting down whenever they info would be much appreciated though. Thanks!

More detail please :)

Sorry Sir, but, what do you mean by 4 servers, manager and BE Agent? Is this a CASO environment? And what are the details of the Storage Device is this a NAS or other type of storage device? This would clarify the problem.


No idea what a CASO

No idea what a CASO environment is...the storage device is just a partition on an hp server. Not sure what is going on but it keeps going offline...Odd thing is, I brought it online yesterday and it stay online until I left at 4pm...Incremental backup completed fine int he middle of the night, and when I come in this morning the storage device is offline again...

... continuing


When BE sees the drive as 'offline', does the HP server hosting that partition also see it as temporarily offline?  Without clicking on the partition to highlight or refresh, if you go into Start/Computer and view the drive, does the drive say anything like 'Disconnected' or 'Offline' or does it *always* display the drive stats ( X TB free of Y TB )?

The server sees the partition

The server sees the partition as online. The wierd thing is...if I make the storage device online and immediatley push a backup, it will actually start backing up...then eventually give me the same Media Error. I have been trouble shooting with Symantec over the last week with tons of issues that are arrising...unfortunatly with all the out sourcing to india, they're about as useful as a poopy flavored lollipop.

What is the value of the low disk space warnings for this device

This could be an interesting setting for this problem.

Usual problems...

What we usually observe in Customer cases is that when their disk or deduplication devices go offline, is because they are really hitting the low disk space threshold.

Many times this is because they are using the same storage location for other folders, within or outside Backup Exec.

In this case what you need to do first, is to really free some considerable space on the storage volume. You may have to delete some backup sets, or delete files from the disk, or get rid of some extra folder. Many times the Customers do free up a little space, but then on the next backup the drive gets filled again.

Once you have freed a good amount of space, then we can proceed to see if there is any particular issue with the storage device or folder.


In an earlier post in this

In an earlier post in this thread i mentioned deleting a bunch of data. As of right now there is 871GB free of 1.27TB...and it just went offline again after being online for about 3 hours, and no jobs have been running.

Same trouble with 2 configuration

Dear All, 

I have the same issu on 2 differents installation, I am gonna be crazy

D2D2T with One Shared disk from a windows a go on tape with fiber library

I have test backup directly to tape....same trouble.

Second one

D2D2T with Qnap ISCSI Lun to tape on local BE 2012 SCSI


The first time it"s goes offline, i have backuped 1,3 To on volume who have 1.6 To space.

The second one (On the ISCI LUN )have 2,6 To Free space for a backup og 800 Go.

Relase of BE 2012 14 rev 1798 64 bits, with hotfix :180962 / 182237 / 182395

All of the disk are working fine, and haven't any trouble for access, I try it, when BE put them Offline, copy,connection the disk woking good

If you have an idea...?