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Storeonce Catalyst copying data from one store to another

Level 3

We have multiple HPE store once connected to our backup CASOs.  We use the Catalyst stores which connect over the network; some catalyst stores have lots of free space where as other storeonce Catalyst stores are getting low on free space; at the moment; we are manually moving jobs from another stores; that means the first backup to a new stores does not deduplicate that well and takes longer; for VM backups it means keeping snaps for hours; I was wondering if we can duplicate the data to the new store (kind of seeding so the blocks are present) and then run the full backup against the new store. 

What is the best way to do this; if I add a stage to existing job so that it duplicates all the existing backup data from one store to another; shall I choose this option? 

"deuplicate to deduplication disk storage "  or "Duplicate to Disk"


Also, is it possible to copy existing backups to the new storage without running a new full backup first; I could not do it; when I manually trigger run now; the duplicate job just skips 




You can duplicate existing backup sets by going into the Storage tab within the BE GUI.
Select your device and double click it to go into the Details section of this device.
Select "Backup Sets" and you should see all your backup sets which exist on this particular device.
Right click on the set you want to duplicate and select "duplicate" and a new screen will appear which guides you through in regards duplicating this set.