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Hi all,

I hope this is the right way to go about this but I have a problem with my Backup Exec 11.0 Rev 7140 running on Windows 2003 using a Quantam tape drive.

I'm going to sound like a real "user" but it was working fine then when I tried to submit a catalog job on a particular tape it stopped working.

Any job I now submit for the tape drive goes straight to queued, although Backup-to-folders works fine.

The drive isnt paused and is enabled.

I've searched google and was pointed to a number of discussions in the Symantec Forums which did not help - one suggested pausing and unpausing and the other mentioned some software called replicator for Mac backup was interfering.

One suggestion was that Windows may have tied up the tape drive - could that be? How would I untie it if that is the case?

Many thanks

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If Windows "ties" up the tape drive, this would be caused by the Removable Storage service running. Symantec recommends that this be stopped.
I would check this, stop it if necessary, and then restart the Backup Exec services. For good measure reinstall the Symantec device drivers (I normally do this as a habit).
Personally, everytime I have paused/unpaused the device, I have seen nothing successful at all.

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Any job I now submit for the tape drive goes straight to queued, although Backup-to-folders works fine.

Is this true for ANY job?  Or just backups?  Will an inventory job run?

This may help, although the symptoms aren't a perfect match.  Note that this is pausing & unpausing the server, not the tape drive.

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Have the suggestions from CraigV or Larry Fine helped you out at all? Post back to let us know if you're still having the issue, or if it has been resolved.

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Has this been solved?