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Strange Restore Bug

Level 3

Has anyone seen the following before?


You click restore and browse to a folder where you expect a file to be but it isnt in that backup. You click search catalogs and type in the file you are looking for and it brings you up a list. You check a box next to the file and click Apply and everything seems fine so you click restore.


The restore sits in a running state for hours even though it shouldnt. Reviewing the remote agent it says that the backup is searching through GRT's looking for the file you selected. Checking the selection list everything looks fine except that there is no slash in the box next to the actual media that the restore is supposed to grab the file off. Clicking the plus next to the media you see everything down the tree to the point of the file selected as it should be.


I occasionally get this bug and its not a big deal just wondering if anyone has run across it before and possibly knows why its happening.


The workaround to the problem is to uncheck the file and check it again. Running the restore then everything works just as expected.