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Strategy tape library

Level 6


We have a tape library with 16 LTO 8 tapes. we have 4.5 TB to backup.

Untill know I have partitioned our library to 6 partitions and each partion with single tapes and I have 5 jonbs one for each week and one for the last week if the month have 5 weeks and one for all of the weeks Diff backups. now I find out that this system is not a good one becuse for example my Full backup of week 1 for maand december is going to start at 06/12/19 and the Diff backup of the same job start at 01/12/19. you see the issue right? that means my Diff backup will look for the full backup of week 1 of  01/11/19.

How should I backup my 4.5 TB data so that I  can move one of the Full backup each month for save keepinig and at the same time have no issue with my Diff backup?

We run the Full backup each friday and the Diff backup sunday to Thursday.



Level 6

OMG!! am I do only one with this issue???