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Stuck during installation...

Level 2
I�m unable to install BE 11d for Windows 2000 Servers - as it seems, thanks to WMI. During the environmental check it says the WMI has to be fixed. I�ve followed the instructions to manually enable it again, using the commands from the DOS-prompt, though I get a message saying that "'wmiadap.exe' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file."

I�ve also tried to pre-install SQL Express but that doesn�t help either, I only get a message saying that: The Microsoft SQL Server SQLEXPRESS is not a valid SQL 2000 instance for installing the database to".

Besides this I�ve also tried to install a new SQL instance using the option "Create a local Backup Exec SQl instance..." and then point to the SQL Express setupfile but then I get a message telling me that: "SQLEXPR.EXE is not a valid SQL Express SP1 setup file".

The server is located at a school and there is a SQL Anywhere 7 instance running on it (hosting the schools library database). Could this be a problem? Can�t they both be running at the same time on the same server?

Yes, I�m a SQL-newbie so any help or suggestions would be great.

Level 6
Hi Martin,

Have you tried installing after the environmetal check ?

You need to install the SQLEXPR.exe from the Microsoft site.

After downloading this give the path and then run the installation.


Level 2
Hi Rucha,

Yes, I�ve tried to install after the check, that�s when I get all those errormessages.
How to fix WMI? Seems like that is the problem, because when I try to install BE on a workstation (with Windows XP) the check goes just fine without any errors and I can install the program.

Yeah...I�ve downloaded and installed the SQLEXPR.EXE, no difference sadly.


Level 6
I don't think it should matter, however is there another box you can test the install on?

Level 2
Yeah, as I wrote I tried to install it on a workstationen and it worked just fine. Maybe I�d make remote backups from that one instead... :)

Level 6
At least you will get backups until you can sort the other stuff out.

Level 5
Employee Certified
Unfortunately, these do sound like issues that will need to be resolved with Microsoft before Backup Exec can be installed.

Once you get past these, you can get free e-mail support for the installation if you run into any more issues.

Not applicable
James, you sent the user to Email Support, but that link leads to the following info:

E-mail Support and Support Forums
Please note that since January 13, 2005 Symantec Enterprise Technical Support has migrated select support service requests from e-mail support to our moderated Support Forums.

We believe that this will provide a much richer experience, allowing access to the knowledge and experience of other customers as well as our Support staff.

VERITAS Backup Exec for Windows Servers version 11d (11.0) no longer offers e-mail support. For all electronic support for this product visit our moderated Support Forums.