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Stuck in pre-processing

Backup Exec 11d Hotfix 37 Service Pack 4
Windows 2003 SP2
Tape Drive - Quantum Superloader3 SDLT4
Connected to server using a Adaptec 39320A Ultra 320 SCSI card

Trying to backup remote windows server which is in the rack beside the backup server.

The server I'm trying to backup is a Windows 2003 SP2 box.  The server is a file / print server.  I'm trying to backup the main drive which hosts all of our file shares.

The drive in question is windows volume H.  H is an iSCSI connection to our SAN.  The server is running the remote agent for windows servers, and I created a new job selecting the server and the H:\ on that server.  The total amount that is going to be backed up is 1.5 Terabytes.

The AOFO is not selected.

The job starts and goes to the pre-processing stage.  It is up to almost 24 hours on pre-processing.

The file server has Lotus Notes 7.0 Client installed on it.  I'm not sure why, but I think certain apps might be using the DLL's to send mail using that server.

The backup server was once a domino archive server.  So Domino Server 7 is installed but no longer actively running on this server.

The way we previously did backups was to create a snapshot on our SAN, and mount it as a local drive on our backup server.  The problem was this made a full-backup every time.  So I want to use the agent on the file server to backup the files instead, and that way we can go to more traditional backups, aka, a full done once a week, and then diffs done nightly. 

I'm not sure if the domino and notes apps would be causing this to hang, or what, but am at a near total loss as to what could be done to resolve this issue.  Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

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Backing UP Lotus Notes

Hi Jonathan,

Not sure if you found the answer to the issue you're facing. But try this ,rename the file bedsnotes.dll  within the backupexec folder . This will not only stop your pre -processing issue it will also backup any file with the extension *.nsf. You may want to check you restore section to see if any .nsf were copied in the past after installing BE 11d .

Hope this helps.