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Suggestion for evaluating CASO in existing BE environment

Level 3

I currently have a physical standalone Backup Exec Media Server with VTL disk storage and a Tape Library attached, and would like to evaluate the CAS option along with an additional Virtual BE Media server. Since this is a trial, I want to make sure that should we decide not to go along with it, we can uninstall the CASO component without disrupting the configuration of our original standalone BE media server.

Is it suggested to create a separate VM for the CAS, or is it safe to install the CAS option on the existing physical BE media server? 




Level 4

You can install the CAS on the existing Backup server and make the Virtual Machine where you will be installing BE as a MBES. 

The servers can be made as Standalone again when you want to. This should not affect any operations.

Here is an article which may help

If possible could you also let us know the usage or need for enabling this option. Any specific operations that you would like to perform?