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Suggestion to remove Hold of a Backup job after reboot

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Hello community,

I have a case here where all windows servers are patched on the Saturday of the third full weekend of the month and is rebooted at midnight (sunday).

Also I have a full backup job that starts on Friday night and it goes through the weekend until Sunday, due the volume of data.

My problem is that once the Backup Exec server reboots, the job fails and does not resume automatically.

What I am doing now is putting the job on hold on Friday on business hours, and then 1AM of Sunday I connected and remove the Hold of the job.

Is there a way that I can schedule a task on Windows that runs some script or command to make Backup Exec remove the Hold of the Job and start it?

Or maybe a command where the Job is paused at a given time, and then resumed later?


Thanks in advance for your support!



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You can do so with BEMCLI.