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Support case three months "Awaiting Engg" - seriously?

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On 25.04.2014 08:37 I have opened a support case #06482010 because of a serious malfunction when using my two tape drives (one changer and one standalone) in parallel. Escalation reached BL on 24.06.2014 05:38. On 25 July, the last substantial POA update:

"Email from TIlman that issue did not reproduced.Called back Tilman,The issue only gets reproduced with duplicate jobs.Collected the logs.
BL TSE is awaiting further inputs from engg team."

Since then, weekly updates: "BL TSE is awaiting an update from engg team." Apart from that, nothing.

Today I tried to add a comment asking for an update which failed with the message (in German): "Error: invalid data. Please read all error messages below so that you can correct your data. The given page was invalid for your session. Click on "Save" again to confirm your change." but no error message below.

Is Symantec support still operative or is it time to cut my losses?


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...have you tried to escalate? Otherwise drop VJware or Colin Weaver a PM and see if they can assist for you.


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I just checked the status of your engineering escalation and the solution for your problem is tentatively schedueld to be included in Backup Exec 2014 SP2, which should be in Beta/Pre release soon and be generally available before the year end.