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Support for Sharepoint 2019 RTM

Has anyone Information if Veritas will supporting Sharepoint 2019 on Windows 2019 in the next month?

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Re: Support for Sharepoint 2019 RTM

I do not see Sharepoint 2019 on the planned list for BE20.4 Beta testing.

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Re: Support for Sharepoint 2019 RTM


had some information from Veritas that they thought SharePoint was dead for on premise.
They totally missed the on premise product, there 'might' be have a GRT solution in BE 20.4 beta.

I was told by Veritas 'One step at a time. :)'
Now they are trying to get SharePoint 2016 GRT to work.

Even Microsoft Server Active Directory 2019 is not supported.
And they call this day 1 support for Windows 2019...

Smiley Frustrated