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Support ticket 281-874-910, on hold for over 90 minutes now and you promised to call me

Seriously, guys.  Your guy yesterday was pretty good, but it was a bigger problem than he could fix so he escalated it, told me 10 AM Pacific to expect a call, I put it on my calendar and you never called.

So I called.  Got put in the wrong queue (found that out 45 minutes later).  Got put into what is purportedly the correct queue, but it's been another 45 minutes of listening to your hold music and still nobody answering.

Do you really hate your customers this much?  Are you really that cheap?  Seriously, I've taken to putting quote marks around the name of your service thus:

Symantec Enterprise "Support"

Hire enough staffers already.  You aquired Veritas years ago and still haven't got your act together.  (article from 2006)

Yes, I am angry.  And I have a right to be.
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Well, I was on hold for

Well, I was on hold for literally two hours, which is beyond the pale.  Seriously beyond the pale particularly for paid "Enterprise" support contracts.

As usual, once I got through to the Advanced Support Engineer, he was good at what he does, and we resolved the issue within a reasonable amount of time.

Symantec, hire more support staff.  You now hold my current record for the longest time spent on hold.  Shame on you.

I live in South Africa, and

I live in South Africa, and when I call for Enterprise support, I get put through to someone in India...
The longest I have had to wait has been 10 minutes. The call-back feature hasn't worked...I normally get called by some guy in the USA when it's 12PM that time, and 7PM ours. I reject those calls till the morning.

Make this a blog...a lot more people will see it, and maybe it will have more of an impact...?

cutoff (again) after almost 3 hours on hold

symantec - what you call support makes me sick to my stomach. i was just on hold for almost 3 hours and then i get cutoff. you are without a doubt the worst support i have ever had the misfortune to need. luckily i make the i.t. decisions for my organisation and you can count on me changing to one of your competitors next renewal. i know it won't make a difference to you but hopefully others will read this and heed this warning.

Have you tried getting the

Have you tried getting the call either bumped up or logged as critical? That always does it. When they call you back, your call ref. goes into a queue, and someone picks it up, which means it could take forever.