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Supported Data Transfer Rate:Backup Exec 2012: Benchmarks proven


Does anyone know the supported Data Transfer Rate supported by Backup Exec 2012, some benchmarks to refer on standard,

Knowing that there are numerous factors involved in this throughput standards,all I m looking is given the good Hardware like Servers, Switches and NAS, what can be expected as a convincing speed.

Local To Disk

Local To Tape

Network to Disk

Network to Tape


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There is no such benchmarks

There are no such benchmarks because as you pointed out there are numerous factors involved in a backup

Yes, I understand, but such a

Yes, I understand, but such a product used so widely, hasn't there been any official tested speeds at Symantec's Labs.

I hope they will have an engineering team, who might have tested all these before the release.


Whatever tests they do in the

Whatever tests they do in the lab will not apply to you because the setup will be different. Even the number of backup jobs and other tasks running in your servers will affect the speed so how are they going to simulate that. You will find that in your environment, the day-to-day speed can also change depending on the activities in your environment.

Here are some figures of a

Here are some figures of a small heterogenous system with low budget devices...

All backup targets are virtual servers (12 pcs.) in vmware (also BE server is virtual server which is not a preferable solution). There are 13 different jobs, some of them are running simultaneously, most of them one after each other. Tape related jobs (3 psc.) are using verification (~831G), backups to disk storages (10 pcs) are not using verification (~441G). 

  • Above backup tasks in BE2014 are moving total of ~1,2 Tbytes / 13 hours, which gives speed of ~96Gb / hour.
  • Backup speed of vmdk files of virtual servers to external NAS disk storages is 1,500.00 ... 3,100.00 Mbytes/min
  • Backup speed from remote windows servers with agents to local deduplication disk is ~1,500.00 ..1,700.00 Mbytes/min.
  • Backup speed from local disk to local tape (duplicate) is  ~2,100.00.. 2,400.00 MBytes/min.
  • Backup speed from remote NAS device to local tape (direct copy) is ~1,500.00 ..1,800.00 MBytes/min.

MBytes/min figures are from job reports of BE2014. It may be that BE2014 is a little faster than BE2010 in this setup, but I can not say that for sure, backup speeds vary from day to day quite alot.

NOTE! I do not take any responsibility of possible conclusions you may do based on these numbers :)