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Symantec BE problem with Tape Drive

Dear  Team,


I had an issue with syamntec backup exec 2012:

1. SBE can not compress the backup when the cartridge and tape backup capabilities we already support for 
   compressed backups up to 1,6TB
2. Can not overwrite the cartridge so we had to reformat the cartridge if we do backup , 
   but with tools inherited from the NT backup server 2003 has been able to do these two issues

Tape Backup:  built in IBM HH LTO Gen 4

Cartridge Backup : IBM LTO4 PN 95P4436 800GB uncompressed/ 1.6T compressed


IBM Server A




Xeon®CPU E5405 @ 2.00GHz




Server B







Server A is The BE were instaled, and Server B is one of file server we backup using Agent.


Thanks Before, and sorry for my bad english.




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Couple of things to do: 1.

Couple of things to do:

1. Make sure you're using the Symantec drivers for the tape drive. Use tapeinst.exe to do the installation.

2. Make sure that compression is turned on in the job itself. Use hardware, otherwise software setting.

3. Download your manufacturer's diagnostic utility to make sure that you have no issues with the drive. Most include a compression test which is what you're interested in running.

This assumes you're backing up data that can be compressed, and that is not already compressed ie. photos and zip files. It is also known that files that are compressed can inflate in size when using compression in a job.


1. The native uncompressed

1. The native uncompressed capacity of a LTO4 tape is 800GB. 1.6TB assumes a 2:1 commission ratio which is hardly achievable in real life. A compression ratio of 1.2 - 1.4 is more realistic. How much data are you getting on your tape? 2. The reason why you cannot overwrite the tape is that it is still write-protected. You need to change the overwrite protection period of the media set that the tape belongs to to a shorter period if you want to reuse it sooner. If you want to overwrite the take immediately, just associate it with the scratch media set. You don't need to reformat it to reuse it

Hi Pkh, actually that is my

Hi Pkh,


actually that is my issue, Thansk Mr.R to upload my issue to this forum

I'am newbe
1.Before I migrate to BE 2012, I use NT-Backup and success backup data  1.2TB, but why when I use BE 2012 it's only able to backup 780~790GB, please find the attachment is any wrong configuration storage

2. for overwire issue I think that is from write-protected period, I can solve it with my self
 please advice