Symantec Backup Exec 11d with CPS2010 remote Agent


Does anyone know if it is possible to have a server with backup Exec for windows server 11D or 10D, and be able to install a CPS 2010 remote agent onto it from another server?

this will be for a local backup using 11d and also be able to use CPS from a server in another country running CPS central console

I have seen you can install Backup exec 2010 and use older remote agents, but we are looking the other way round



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You can have the 2010 CPS

You can have the 2010 CPS agent installed on the 11d or 10 server , But the replication for the backup set would not work properly as its not the correct way .

If you are running backup exec 2010 remote agent on a server and you want it to be backed up with server running BE 11d  media server that would not work .

the server will run 11D

the server will run 11D locally as normal to local  hardware and CPS2010 agent will be pushed out from another server, this server with 11D will be a remote cps, sending data back to central backup, hope it is clear enough

You want to backup the Backup

You want to backup the Backup destination of a CPS...if my understanding is correct...then this is not possible..

CPS is meant to replicate changes on the Business Server to a Continous Protection Server...where you create the backup destination
You can backup the Backup Destination using Backup Exec....but not with CPS...
You can replicate this Backup Destination to another server...but then again the other server should have CPS installed on it.

I hope this information helps..


You can get the CPS 2010

You can get the CPS 2010 agent installed on the 11d server . Do you want to replicate the backup set of 11d  usign the CPS?

CPS20 installation on server 2003 SBS SP2 (as VM)

I am trying to install CPS2010 on NEW VM server. Does anyone have a link on how to configure this application to have it work in conjunction with BE2010 which is already installed and working on another dedicated VM server 2003SBS sp2? Thank you Guys


http://www.symantec.com/business/support/index?page=content&id=HOWTO24113 Requirements for configuring continuous protection for Exchange data

http://www.symantec.com/business/support/index?page=content&id=TECH69767  About protecting SQL Servers continuously using Backup Exec - Continuous Protection Server (CPS) 11.d, 12.0 and 12.5.

Also the correct way to back up a Continuous Protection Server (CPS) installation with Backup Exec is through the CPS agent icon within the selection list of the backup job.

To have a full backup of the Continuous Protection Server, your backup should include:

System Drivers

CPS Databases

Protected Resources

Shadow Copy Components