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Symantec Backup Exec 12.5 & Dell TL2000 Robotic Library issue

Level 3

I have a question. We are moving from LTO4 to LTO5. With the old device we had an I/o slot we could use Backup Exec to communicate with the Device. We could from within BE say export slot 20 for instance.


Even though there is a physical I/O slot on the new device it doesnt appear that Backup Exec allows communication (Right click and select Export ) on a particular slot for some reason. Could someone assist?


Is there any other way short of manually loading all the tapes on the Right and Left and then just remembering which slot is which in regard to the import.


In what order does BE allow the tapes to be used if they all are new and have the same allocated date and time due to the mass import?


Level 3

Our device shows online but the issue seems to be we have to be physically at the console and cannot use Backup Exec to commubnicate with the unit. THis seems like poor design that we cannot use backup exec to export the tapes per or by slot any longer. Please advise how to fix this issue if possible. I am not certain why it has an I/O slot if the software wont allow us to import and export one tape at a time if we chose.

Level 6

According to the HCL, Backup Exec supports the TL2000 with LTO3 and LTO4 drives, but does support other LTO5 drives

Are you on the latest device drivers for 12.5?



Have you tried the manufacturer drivers instead?


Level 4


We have the same issue with the 32-bit version running Backup Exec 2012.  Has anyone found a solution to this?