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Symantec Backup Exec 2010 Issues. Getting stuck running a daily job.

Level 2

Hi guys,

So we have an instance of Backup Exec 2010 running on a Windows Server 2008 R2. We desire to have daily backups (M-F) run overnight on 5 separate RD1000 disks.   We would like to ovewrite or groom these disk so that they will never fail due to being full.

Currently I have one media set labeled daily set with no overwrite protection and infinite append allowed.

Currently have one device set up as a removable backup-to-disk and pointed to the E:\ drive which is our RD1000.  Maximum size for backup-to-disk files is set to 4GB, maximum number of backup sets per backup-to-disk file is set to 100 and the low disk space threshold is unchecked and unset.

I then set up one job to run M-W at 10pm, pointing to the media set and device, and eject the disk when finished.

Job ran successfully for 2 days but got stuck running the 3rd backup for around 3 days before I canceled it.

What could be causing this to happen?

Is there a better way to set up the backups?

Thanks for any help guys, this is my first time dealing with backup exec.


Level 3

The first thing I would check is if there is an alert waiting to be responded to in regards to "overwriting allocated media"? By default this alert is generated when media is needed. The job will stay in a running state until this alert is responded to.

You say that you have the job set to eject the disk when finished? What is the status of the disk in the current state? Am I assuming you were recycling through disks for each time the job ran?