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Symantec Backup Exec 2010 Remote Agent Utility Authentication Error

Dear Sir,

While creating Oracle Database Backup job, Testing is successful,
but when the actual backup process starts it gives the authentication error.

"The logon account specified in the remoate agent utility cannot be authenticated. Update the entry in the list of authentication credentials in the media server"

Our Backup Server IP : (W2k3 STD R2 32 Bit)
Our Database Server IP : (W2k3 STD R2 64 Bit)

Through Firewall, nating of Ip series has been configured & backup Ports are also opened.

Also we were getting Backup Agent Utility Version error,

"Make sure the correct version of remote agent is installed and running on the target computer.  If the server or resource is no longer exists, remove it from the selection list ....."

we did an unstallation from the Database server.

Initially from RAWS64 the agent utility had been installed.

But after we noticed this version error duing uninstallation with suggestion to install from BEX64.

We install from BEX64.

Even after that also we are getting the same authentication errors.

Event the authentication has been created in the authentication list.


We created MysymAccount (, but could not include the SAN -XG8T0MEXP details.

Pls. include the same also.

Pls. give us backup remote agent authentication solution.

How do we check the communication between remote agent and backup or media server (in our case both are same).


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In BE console, click on

In BE console, click on Tools->Options->Oracle->modify list->enter the credentails which are used

to configure remote agent utility on the Oracle server

Orcale - Modify list -

Orcale - Modify list - credentials are entered already.

The same creditials are given in the remote database server agent utility also.

Pls. give me some more toubleshooting options

Pls. tel me how to check the communication (authentication) between the media server and database server.

While testing the job it takes 1 or two minutes to get the authentication sucess.

But while starting the actual backup process it throuws the error immediately.

Why is this?

Is this may be the reason?

Then how do we solve it?

check the "How to install and

check the "How to install and configure the oracle agent guide":

What is the version of

What is the version of Oracle.

Oracle Version

Oracle 10G

Hi   Please check the link



Please check the link below



Oracle Agent Installation

Oracle agent is been successfully installed & configued.

Even backup job is also created using the credentials.

That is why the Resouce Credential Test is getting success.

Tools - Oralce

oracle Credential list is also created.

Only thing the database server is not restarted after the uninstall and install of Remote agent.

But the services has been stopped and started successfully.

What is the version of BE &

What is the version of BE & does beremote.exe match this version of the BE media server ? Secondly, does the sys account have SYSOPER and SYSDBA rights ?

Hi Can you please post the


Can you please post the snap of modify list in tool-optionsoracle


Also please post the snap of remote agent utility on oracle server showing tab like oracle & database access


Modify List, Remote Agent Utility Oracle & DB Snaps

Dear newsolutionBE

Thanks for your repply.

Pls. find attached the snap as you requested.

Version of BE

Dear Mr.VJware

Thanks for your post.

BE Version is 2010.

How to check the beremote.exe version?

How to check the SYSOPER and SYSDBA rights?

Pls. reply.

Hi   On oracle server go to c



On oracle server go to c -program files-symantec-backup exec-raws-look for beremote.exe & right click on it to check version



In the remote agent utility,

In the remote agent utility, instead of the IP address use FQDN of the Oracle server.

Hi   Please ensure your media



Please ensure your media server name is with FQDN

& in modify list in tools-options -oracle-add host name instead of FQDN

beremote.exe Version

I have checked the beremote.exe version - 13.0.2896

I am working here as IT Manager, so don't hesitate me to tell how to check the SYSOPER & SYSDBA rights




What is FQDN?

You mean to say full domain name, ie.,


Yes (Full qualified domain

Yes (Full qualified domain name)


As you said i supplied FQDN.

Received the following error.

Now i have followed the casesensitive of servername in both media and DB server.

Just give me some time, Again i will try database backup and post you.