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Symantec Backup & Restoration Question

Level 2

1. Will the restoration of Back-up taken on the last working day fetch us
the complete data that is from the very beginning till the time back was
2. Why do we need to keep the backup dmp files in two location on the same
server ?
3. If point 1 is true then can we trash the old backup dmp files and keep
only one month/week data ?
4. If at all we need to use both the locations then keep the backup dmp
files of one month/week on one location and use the other for its sole
5. Can we do a Restoration Activity using one of the backup in UAT
Database and testify that things are working as expected?






Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

1) If you are running a mix of fulls + incr/diffs, all these backup sets must be present in order to restore to the proper state.

2) DMP files are usually in the BEDBG folder. This folder can keep a max of 10 dumps...

3) Yes, you can clear this folder

4) Which is the other location ?

5) There isn't any UAT db as such.. if you prefer you can setup a test media server...else use the original media server itself for actual/test restores..


Employee Accredited Certified

When you say dmp files do you mean files with .DMP extension? If yes are you aware that Backup Exec does not directly use .DMP files the ones in the BEDBG folder are crash dumps related to process failures

If you dmp files are backup files, then is Backup Exec itself the actual product you are using or have you posted in the wrong forum.