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Symantec BackupExec Duplicate Jobs

Level 3
Hi all:

The situsation we have here
Symantec Backup Exec 12.5 configured as the following:
B2D weekly----------------------------->Duplicate to Tape  

No problem here as the Dupe job is linked to Weekly B2D directly

We have a scheduled Dupe job Monthly to take B2D at the end of month (Last Friday) to Tape.
the problem we have here that Sceduled Dupe job is trying to backup all media sets in the B2D pool,
we keep B2D data for a as long as we can so we have muliple sets,
What I am trying to say , can we run Scheduled Duplicate Backup job to backup only last set  not all media sets in the source?


Level 5
Moving this question to the Backup Exec forum.