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Symantec Restore and Recovery Error, Restore Of Server And AD Failed

Hi All, I am performing some DR testing and have a problem. Spare server dissimilar hardware but not by much, this is an HP box. Installed Windows OS and Backup Exec 12.5. Configured tape drive and created job to restore old server, C: D:, system state, registry, and related services. Restored. Rebooted, server didnt come up as expected, had to do a repair to get to login, after login AD and all services on original DC missing. I was under the impression that backup exec was supposed to restore all files and services as they were on the original server! If i am wrong, then what would be the recommended way of backing up 2 DC's 2 SQL 1 Exch, and 2 File Servers to enable recovery within say 2 business days? Thanks in advance
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First thing is manaul

First thing is manaul recovery is not possible in the case of different hardware because every hardware has different files, drivers, hal that get stored in the registry. So if you restore it on different hardware it will not work unless you get lucky.

While doing the restore make sure you are installing the same OS with same service pack. and don't join this in domain.Once you have it installed restore the c and system state. Once the restore is complete it should automatically come in the domain.

Then you can check if you have everything restored or not

Hi, The hardware was both HP,


The hardware was both HP, the only thing that didnt get picked up was the NIC's which isnt the end of the world.
HAL was the same.
Either way it didnt work for whatever reason.
So, what would people recommend for recoving 7 server to full production status within 48 hours?

I hope you had a full backup.

I hope you had a full backup. Please could you explain in what order did you try the restore. If you had a full backup and trying to restore the data on 7 servers it is all same or what