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System state File is a corrupt file. This file cannot verify.

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Hi everone!

I have  Backup Exce 2010 installed on a Windows 2003 std R2 server.  The backup jobs worked fine untile last night when the full backup failed with the following error.


V-79-57344-65247 - A Failure occurred reading an boject. 

WARNING: "SERVER\sytemSate\System Files\ System files is a corrupt file. This file cannot verify.


any idea?




Level 4

I completly removed (uninstalled) Symantec Endpoint Protection from server and run backup job. The result was the same. 



-- The job failed with the following error: A failure occurred reading an object.


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Hey man,


Last things that I can suggest:


1. Try running a backup of the System State to disk, and see if it gives you the error. If not...

2. Create a new selection list, which is the same as your current list. Run a manual backup to tape and see if it gives you the same error. If it doesn't, your original selection list is corrupted, and you can use this one...

3. Update BE 2010 with the latest patches, and consider rolling out BE 2010 R2 if need be.



Level 4

I made a backup to disk of the system state and it worked very well. No error!

and when i made a new backup with the same selection to tape, it gaves me error (to a new tape)


very very very strange!

any other idea?