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T-50 Library Contianually Goes Offline

Level 3
Has anyone had this or a similar problem? I have a Spectra Logic T-50 tape library with two LTO-3 drives. For some reason it often goes offline when I'm trying to run a quick erase or inventory job on several tapes at a time. When I quick erase or inventory a single tape it doesn't happen, only when selecting multiple ones.
The library has the latest firmware and I have Backup Exec 10d with SP3 installed. Whenever this happens I have to power off the library and then back on, and restart the BE services. The problem does not always happens. I'm running BE on a Windows 2000 server machine.
Not sure if this is an issue with BE or the library. I have a ticket open with Spectra Logic, so if it's an issue with their hardware, hopefully they can help me from their end.
Below is the job log for one of the quick erase failures:

Utility Job Information
Slot Barcode Media Label Status Device 6 053689L3 053689L3 IBM ULTRIUM LTO3 TAPE DRIVE # 1 8 053687L3 053687L3 IBM ULTRIUM LTO3 TAPE DRIVE # 2 10 Physical Volume Library Drive or Robot paused, offline, or disabled. 11 Physical Volume Library Drive or Robot paused, offline, or disabled. 
Any help would be appreciated.

Level 6
When you run these jobs do you see any errors in your application or system event logs?  From what you have described it sounds like there is an issue with the device.

Level 3
Hi Ben,
Thanks for the reply. No I don't see any significant errors in the application or system event logs. I only the see the error message from Symantec Backup Exec (the same message I get in the job log).
Any other thoughts?