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Tape Compatibility

Level 3
I have a MSL 5000. I have been told that my DLT tapes will work in this SDLT drive. I have been succesful in reading them but I can not write to them. I get an error message that says they are write protected and I know they are not because they are brand new and we have not set the tabs on them. So my question is are the DLT tapes I have writable in SDLT drive?

Level 6
Hi Alice,

What you could do is move the tapes to scratch media and then run a job on these tapes.

Do do that just right click on the tape and choose move to and then select here scratch media in the Media menu.

For more information refer to these documents:




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Level 3
The media is reading Scratch media. But still is error out saying it is write protected. The tape library can read the barr code it can scan the media it inventories it. The media comes up as Blank Media under description and the media set is Scratch media. But when I try to write or erase it gives me an error of "The job failed with the following error: The media is write protected." So I am back to my original question will my SDLT tape drive write to my DLT tapes? I have cataloged then and ran a restore so I know it will read them but will it write to them?

Level 6
HI Alice

If the actual drives in your storage library are SDLT 160 or SDLT 320, they provide backward-READ capability of DLT.

Level 3
The actual drive is a SDLT 160. So read only is all I have with the DLT right?

Level 6
Hi Alice,

Your hardware vendor will be the best person to answer this Qs :
-will SDLT tape drive write to DLT tapes?

Also check the option in BE > go to tools > options > media management > media type ..

Update us on the same and revert for any further Query
Hope this will help you

Thank you

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