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Tape LTO5 and LTO6 can run same time in the same library

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Hello Guys,

I am using Backup Exec 16 and library is HP Enterprise.

Previously I was using LTO5 tapes, but now I am trying to using LTO5 and LTO6 tapes simultaneously.

After putting both the tape in library. I run the inventory it’s completed 91% and then stuck. I got all the LTO5 tapes but I am not getting LT06 tape.

I checked the LTP6 tape details media capacity and media description is not coming. Is this possible to run both the tape in same library.

Need urgent help. Thanks in advance.


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What is the tape drive that you have in your tape library, LTO5 or LTO6 or both?

Now both. Previsouly I was using only LTO5 tapes. This is the first time I am using both the tape in the library.


Which Tape Drive you are using. Is it comtabile for LTO6.

Please check the Tape Drive.

Thanks & Regards,
Shiju Chacko