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Tape Library shown as almost full, when plenty tapes overwritable

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Hello all,

and a happy new year to everyone.

I am thinking about a "problem" that I have and that someone already started a post about some time ago:

As the replier to that original discussion stated, Backup Exec always reported on used vs unused space and not on protected vs over-writable.

As the other discussion is a year old now and we have an newer version of Backup Exec now:

- Is there still nothing to do about it in BE 2016? It is quite annoying to have to look into the details of the Library Slots to see if there are sufficient overwritable tapes.

- It is simply not possible to use the "configuration tasks" pane on the dashboard because of this behavior, because it will always report that there is insufficient storage (with warning icons which is in this case very misleading).

How do you cope with this? Just ignore it or do you change for new tapes every other month or do you delete tapes?

 I am very interested to hear what you think.


Best regards,