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Tape availability in incremental backup (BE 12.0)

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Dear all,

We're having trouble while doing incremental backups. The scenario is as follows:

- Symantec Backup Exec 12.0 rev 1364

- HP StorageWorks MSL4048 Tape Library

- A defined pool of tapes for daily incremental backups, with protection date of 6 days.

Backup runs fine, but the trouble starts when the media in use for this backup becomes full. F.e.:

After this, the task should pick the next tape, and mark it with a protection date of 6 days.

In this case, the tape with protecion date 19/05/2011 wasn't picked up automatically and the task had to be relaunched to force it to pick the new tape and set the protect date of 6 days.

Here is a little bit more of detail of the error:

Basically it's saying that there was an error on the media mounting and it wasn't properly mounted.

As long as the task became in standby for an undefined period of time, the user canceled it.

Thanks on advance,


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...but if that tape is protected till 19/05/2011, then BE won't use it.

So what you need to make sure is that your Append/OPP periods are set correctly, and that they are becoming available on time. Each time the tape is written too, the Append/OPP period gets reset.

the other option is to make sure you have enough scratch disks available...48 slots should be enough to fill it with a lot of scratch media.

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If a job fills a tape, it will only continue on the next as an Overwrite, not as an Append, so as Craig says, that tape is not available for use yet.

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Thanks CraigV and Ken,

We're going to redefine the protection periods and check the tapes availability.

Best regards, 

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Hi there,

Yesterday the incremental daily copy failed again.

As you can see, we have the media daily pool called "diaria" with the following overwrittable tapes:

Also, here are the details of the daily incremental task:



Radiobutton "Agregar; sobreescribir si no hay ningún soporte agregable" (Append; overwrite if any media can't be added" is checked.

So, if the task is set to overwrite and the tape isn't write protected i understand that it should be overwritten.

Anyway I see that tapes are marked as "No agregable" (not attachable).