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Tape backups failing. Error: E00084F4



I have been struggling to get disk to tape backups working for several months now without any success.  

Every time we try to run a backup, after about 30 seconds, it fails due to an "Unknown Error" with code E00084F4.


I must have read every post on this error on the Internet and have not been able to find a solution or solve this problem.

We have tried:

  • reinstalling BUE.
  • confirmed that the drive appears in Windows Device Manager.
  • restarting BUE services many times.
  • different backup sources.
  • more than different 8 tapes.


We only have problems with backup to tape drives.  Backup to Disk (B2D) work fine for all of our backups.

If more information would be helpful, please ask.

This is my first post here, so let me know if I have posted in the wrong section please.

Any suggestions would be greatly appriciated.




Some Details: Backup Exec 2010

Media Server:  Version 13.0 Rev.4164

OS: Windows Server 2008 Standard.  Service Pack 2.

Tape Drive: IBM ULTRIUM-HH4 SCSI Sequential Device [LTO4 Tape Drive in BUE]

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1) Update the firmware of the

1) Update the firmware of the tape drive to the latest

2) Run the HP LT&T utility against the tape drive.  Make sure that you stop all the BE services first and select the write test.

If the utility runs o.k. and you backup still fails, do the following

1) shutdown both the media server and the tape drive.

2) power up the tape drive.

3) power up the media server

4) check that the tape drive is functioning correctly in the Windows Device Manager and has a Symantec driver.

5) try again.