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Tape inventory error

Level 2
I am attempting to do a tape inventory job. but evertime a run it I get this error.  I inherited this job with no documentaion or training so I hope somecan help me.

----- TapeAlert Events -----
The device has reported the following TapeAlert diagnostic information. Please contact your device manufacturer for more information regarding TapeAlerts. Information - The library has been manually turned offline and is unavailable for use. Robotic Library for Device: Secondary Warning - Library security has been compromised. Robotic Library for Device: Secondary Critical - The library has detected a inconsistency in its inventory.
1. Redo the library inventory to correct inconsistency.
2. Restart the operation Check the applications users manual or the hardware users manual for specific instructions on redoing the library inventory. Robotic Library for Device: Secondary

Level 6
Normally when you get an alert like the one you posted there is a problem on the hardware side, I would suggest giving a call over to your hardware vendor to have them take a look at the tape drive to make sure it is working correctly.

Level 2
I just ran tape inventory again and I received this error now:

"Warning - The directory on the tape cartridge has been corrupted. File search performance will be degraded. The tape directory can be rebuilt by reading all the data on the cartridge. Robotic Library: Secondary Drive: Beta Slot: 1 "

It says I can fix it by "reading all the data on the cartridge." how do I do that?