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Tape jobs



when I run jobs to a tape, the jobs run properly to a point were they suddenly become on queu and the tape gets ejected from the tape drive. Knowing that the tape has plenty of enough free space.


what could be the cause of this problem? How can i solve the issue?

Note that the tapes and the tape drive used are supported by BAckup Exec 2014. They are present in the HCL.


Thank you in advance

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Could be a compression

Could be a compression problem. Have you checked to see what sort of compression you're getting on the tapes themselves? Anything between 1:1 & 1.4:1 (sometimes a bit higher) is good.

Anything less than 1:1 and your data, if already compressed, might be inflating meaning you get less space on the drive.

You can do a compression test from your drive manufacturer's diagnostic utility to rule this out.


You also may want to confirm

You also may want to confirm in the job properties of the backups jobs under the "storage" options that the "Eject the media after job completes" option is not selected.

Knowing that the tape has

Knowing that the tape has plenty of enough free space.

Can you confirm and clarify that please? 

Does the tape show as "media full" in the "appendable until" field?  Generally, BE ejects a tape in the middle of a job because the tape drive has told BE that the tape is full.